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SMART Australia | EduTECH Australia | Join our session on booth 616
Join us for one of these sessions and win a brand new SMART Board for your school
Join us for one of these sessions and win a brand new SMART Board for your school

Time: 10.20 am - 10.40 pm
Location: Booth 616

Building Connected Learning Environments 

How to implement technology as a tool to present curriculum content and cultivate connected and collaborative learning spaces to develop students' capabilities across the curriculum. 

Meagan Parsons
Classroom Teacher
Mt Cotton State School

Time: 1:30 pm - 1:50 pm
Location: Stand 616

Canva + Lumio = A Powerful Collaboration

Moving your Canva designs into Lumio is easier than ever. Join us to discover how the NEW integration works so you can add interactivity and game-based learning on student devices.

Megan Towns

Time: 3:00pm- 3:20pm 
Location:Stand 616  

Unleashing the Power of Technology: Creating Inclusive and Engaging Learning Environments

Unlock the potential of technology to cultivate an inclusive and captivating learning environment that enhances outcomes for both teachers and students. Join us in this immersive on-stand session as we delve into innovative strategies for implementing student-centred learning approaches that nurture essential skills such as initiative, creative and critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication. 
Bec Woolnough 
Educaltion Solutions Specialist 
SMART Technologies

Time: 09:20 am - 09:40 am
Location: Theater 7 Expo Floor

Building a Future-ready Digital Strategy: Insights from Local and International Research

The last two years have emphasised the need for agile and effective implementation of technology to enhance student learning. This workshop assists schools to analyse their digital strategies and plan effectively for the future. Drawing on international research describing the EdTech capability development of schools against global frameworks including the OECD and ISTE Standards, this session will cover: 

o    Global data on technology and its’ impact on outcomes 
o    The five EdTech Capabilities needed for impact at scale 
o    Practical application of the EdTech Assessment Tool 
o    What can we learn from each other’s data and practices? 

Participants will have the option to set up a FREE EdTech Assessment link for their school to complete and collect whole school data, gain insight, and inform future strategy and planning. 

Bec Woolnough
Education Solutions Specialist
SMART Technologies

Time: 11:00 am - 11:20 am
Location: Stand 616

Minarah College Prepares Students for the future with Technology-fueled Learning

Minarah College, a K-12 Islamic school in Greater Sydney, recently underwent a digital transformation. Minarah chose SMART displays and Lumio as part of their makeover, resulting in greater student and teacher engagement across all grade levels and learning styles. Join us on stand 616 to learn more about the unique way Minarah College approaches learning and EdTech at their school from Jay Halai Principal of Minarah College.

Jay Halai 
Principle Minarah College

Time: 1:30pm - 11:50pm 
Location: Stand 616

Activating Social and Emotional Learning in your Classrooms!

In today's digital age, technology can serve as a catalyst for meaningful engagement, personal growth, and improved learning outcomes. Join us to explore how educators can leverage Lumio to foster emotional intelligence, empathy, and social skills, creating a nurturing learning environment where students thrive both academically and emotionally.

Nadia Baraghithi
Education Consultant
SMART Technologies

Time: 11am - 11:20am 
Location: Stand 616

Using the Right Technology in the Right Way to Enhance Teaching and Learning Outcomes

Experience an authentic, in-class example of how to leverage technology to create fun and engaging lessons using high-impact teaching content at your fingertips with SMART IQ.

Bec Woolnough
Education Solutions Specialist
SMART Technologies


1 in 3 classrooms globally choose SMART.

We have been innovating since our invention of the original SMART Board® in 1987.

Included software, lessons, resources and technical support. 

SMART integrates seamlessly with the technology you already have.


What to expect at the event? 

Learn how to engage students by empowering teachers.
Over 30 years of innovation has culminated in interactive displays and software that connect students, lesson content and devices into unified learning experiences. We elevate learning outcomes with intuitive technology that is purpose built for education.

Create unparalleled collaborative experiences.

SMART software and displays help teachers bring lessons to life and encourage students to participate. Students build skills and gain confidence by sharing at the display and contributing from their phones, tablets and laptops.

Amplify learning.

Enhanced multi-media. Clearer sound. Even SMART Board portability. With SMART, there are so many ways for educators to make lesson content more interesting and easier for students to absorb.